January 9, 2012

Not So Quiet Coffee House an audible success!

The first ever Not So Quiet Coffee House will certainly not be the last Not So Quiet Coffee House!  With eight fabulous performances ranging from written works to piccolo pieces to guitar to monologues, the BBN Upper School has some serious literary and musical talent!  If you couldn't make it, we've got some photographic evidence of the event, along with some video clips of our talented guitarists.  
Click after the photo to check it out!

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Students arrive in the Quiet Room, where food AND sound were on the menu.

Mme. Tournier shares a short (true) story.

Judah B. '14 plays a piccolo piece.

Lucy H. '12 shares her fantastic emulation of Melville's Moby Dick
introduction, titled The Library, the story and woes of Ms. Dow.
Eddy B. '12 played his guitar; check out the video below!

Aaron O. '14 shares a monologue from The Pillowman.

Sarah C. '14 shares a song she composed.  Check out the video below.
As Ms. Dow said, "eat your heart out Taylor Swift!"

Maxine P. '14 closed up the show with a monologue from A Midsummer's Night Dream.

Thank you to all our fantastic performers, to the Student Library Advisory Board for making fantastic posters and for their advice, and to the fabulous audience for showing up in droves to support the talent!
The Not So Quiet Coffee House will be open for business again in the spring!