May 24, 2012

Summer Reading 2012

It's almost summer (YAY!) and the summer reading lists are hot off the press.  To help you make the all important decision of what to read over the summer, we have surveyed a number of faculty members and students for their personal recommendations from the general summer reading list and put the results up on display in the library.  A preview of some picks appears below, but stop by to check out the full display.  

The entire 2012 General Summer Reading List can be found by using the link provided, or on the BBN School website, where the entire summer reading list (including department by department requirements) can be found.  

Mr. Leith pointedly approves of Seabiscuit.
Ms. Krauss stands by Zeitoun

Ms. Dow was too engrossed in Empire Falls
to comment!
Ms. Donohue votes for Jasper Jones in 2012.