December 17, 2013

BBN Authors!

Exciting news from the publishing world:  former US teacher (and current Biv hero) Brian Staveley's first book in a planned fantasy series with TOR publishing is coming out in January.  Rumor has it we may see him back at the US in January (it's true, not a rumor!).  More deets to follow, but until then, why don't you read the first seven chapters of his book, The Emperor's Blade?

November 5, 2013

Remember, remember...

the fifth of November!

Try a classic this November 5th - but please don't throw it into your bonfire! 

October 21, 2013

September 10, 2013

Welcome back!

Welcome back, everyone!
When we weren't busy missing you this summer, your librarians kept busy - as did the faculty.  Would you expect any less from the people who love to keep you busy?!  Between summer reading, rock climbing adventures, travel near and far, and time with friends and family, the upper school faculty had a lot of summer adventures.  

Stop by the library to check out a few of their snapshots and book recommendations - and get in on the keeping summer alive action by sharing your own with us via @almylibrarybbn or

May 24, 2013

Please meet the 2013 King or Queen of Quiet:

BBN, you have spoken!  Sleeper #27, Rachel T., has been elected your 2013 Queen of Quiet!

Her royal highness is our first ever Queen of Quiet.  Rachel will reign supreme, sleepy, and powerless over the Quiet Room in the 2013-2014 school year.  She will be compensated for her taxing duties with a gift certificate to JPLicks. 

Though we have every confidence in her capability to fulfill her responsibility as Queen of Quiet, a popular write-in campaign for "The Treiuth" has forced us to consider a beauty queen staple: the Runner Up.  

Former 2-time King of Quiet Nic T. managed to sleep under the radar this year, escaping detection by our crack photographers.  Though we received close to one million write in votes (rough estimate), we felt we could not consider him fairly.  And then this happened.  Thusly, BBN, by popular demand, we give you the 2013 Runner Up: The Treiuth!

May 20, 2013

A few pictures from the 2013 Book Fair

On Friday, May 17th, the library hosted the upper school's first ever BBN Book Fair!  We had a great time talking about all the books we're going to read this summer.  Thanks to all the students who stopped by to shop and the hardworking parent volunteers, it was the best Book Fair ever in the history of Book Fairs at BBN!  

The most popular title this year?
It's a tie between A Farewell to Arms and Naked Economics, followed by A Clockwork Orange in third place.
We hope you are excited to pick up your books on Friday, BBN!

May 14, 2013

Announcing the 2013 Summer Reading Book Fair!

Stop by the Book Fair in the Quiet Room this Friday, May 17th!  We'll be taking orders all day (with a 10% discount!) for pickup on the 24th.  Titles come directly from the 2013 Summer Reading List.  The whole list can be found at this link, and the Library's General Summer Reading List is available at this link.

Hit up the Twitters and tell @almylibrarybbn what you're excited to read see at the #Bookfair!

March 15, 2013

Prank you very much, seniors!

Perhaps you heard - actually, you definitely did, because the Quiet Room was anything but quiet on Tuesday.  Why?  The intrepid Class of 2013 covered the entire floor in bubble wrap!  Here are a few pictures from the day:

The aftermath.
You can see more on the BBN Alumni Facebook page!

2013 Book Swap and Bake Sale

The 2013 Book Swap and Bake Sale is open for business!
Maybe you followed the map, maybe you heard the news, maybe you just stumbled across it while stumbling to grab some lunch, but this week the Student Library Advisory Board and librarians took over part of the Commons during lunch to open a pop up book store and bakery for the 3rd Annual Book Swap and Bake Sale!

Thanks to the generous donations of used books and baked good, the BBN US community has rallied to raise more than $100 for More than Words this year - and we'll be able to donate more that 200 unclaimed books for their stock!  High fives all around, BBN.  Huge thank you to all the parents and students who baked for us, everyone who brought in books, and to the students who helped to organize, set up, and run the swap and bake sale!
Caitlin P. '13 and Edwin G. '15 run the Book Swap and Bake Sale

March 8, 2013

Blind date with a book

Are you feeling a little daring in anticipation of Spring Break? Do you long for an epic combination of adventure, fun, romance, danger, tears, laughter, and magic? Do you yearn to find greater connection in this ever solitary world (yes, you, reading this on your smart phone).  Good thing you know some matchmaking librarians.  

Confucius loves blind dates with books. 
Courageous, romantic souls of the BBN community, we'd like to set you up on a blind date...with a book.

March 7, 2013

Secret Map to Spring Break Satisfaction

It is gross, it is snowing sideways, and it is STILL winter.  But there is hope!  Spring break arrives at BBN in a mere 6 school days.

Since we are information experts, we happen to know that it is a universally accepted truth that curling up with a good book for fun is scientifically proven to be the best thing ever.  Because we think you guys are great and have earned your break, we've made a secret map to show you how to have the best break ever:

Don't go telling everyone our secrets now.  Just for you, BBN!

Check back later for more details on the Book Swap and to find out how to go on a Blind Date with a Book, you romantic daredevil, you!

January 22, 2013

Fabulous new display as Barbie and friends visit the US Library!

The Almy Library has experienced many new visitors on tours - but none so fashionable as these guys:

The first emperor of China has his terra cotta warriors...but we've got Barbies!
More below: