March 8, 2013

Blind date with a book

Are you feeling a little daring in anticipation of Spring Break? Do you long for an epic combination of adventure, fun, romance, danger, tears, laughter, and magic? Do you yearn to find greater connection in this ever solitary world (yes, you, reading this on your smart phone).  Good thing you know some matchmaking librarians.  

Confucius loves blind dates with books. 
Courageous, romantic souls of the BBN community, we'd like to set you up on a blind date...with a book.

A blind date with a book?  What is that?  Are you crazy?

Short answer: yes, but you already knew that we are crazy awesome.  Long answer: Stop by the library and check out the newest display, where we will match you with the book your heart desires.  
How can you resist their dashing allure?
Blind date these books already!
Our guarantee?  It will be the least awkward blind date you will ever go on.  The only risk? Paper cuts.  

We dare you to fall in love blindly this March Break!
Some of our eligible books.  
These ladies were bold enough.
Danielle G. '14, Ally C. '14, and Alex F. '15 pose with their dates.
Are you?