May 24, 2013

Please meet the 2013 King or Queen of Quiet:

BBN, you have spoken!  Sleeper #27, Rachel T., has been elected your 2013 Queen of Quiet!

Her royal highness is our first ever Queen of Quiet.  Rachel will reign supreme, sleepy, and powerless over the Quiet Room in the 2013-2014 school year.  She will be compensated for her taxing duties with a gift certificate to JPLicks. 

Though we have every confidence in her capability to fulfill her responsibility as Queen of Quiet, a popular write-in campaign for "The Treiuth" has forced us to consider a beauty queen staple: the Runner Up.  

Former 2-time King of Quiet Nic T. managed to sleep under the radar this year, escaping detection by our crack photographers.  Though we received close to one million write in votes (rough estimate), we felt we could not consider him fairly.  And then this happened.  Thusly, BBN, by popular demand, we give you the 2013 Runner Up: The Treiuth!