February 10, 2014

Author Visit: Brian Staveley

Our current favorite author just so happens to be a BBN alum: Mr. Brian Staveley!  Mr. Staveley used to teach English and History in the upper school, before running away to sunny VT with his wife and adorable son to begin a career as an author.  Luckily, as many freshman know, he can still be found in the woods at Biv come September, where you can count on him to rescue you in Orienteering from a giant mud pit/lake/the woods/insert your own nature obstacle here.

We,  along with the English department, were very excited to welcome him back in late January as part of his book launch tour for his very first book, The Emperor's Blades.  Thanks so much to Mr. Staveley for honoring us with a visit, and to Porter Square Books for bringing all the copies for him to sign!  Here are a few of our favorite pictures from his visit:

February 7, 2014

Displays: Who do you appreciate at BBN?

This February we're celebrating the people we respect and admire in our own community.  
Stop by the library and tell us all who they are on the display board.

Share the warm fuzzies in cold, cold February!

You can also check out our display on the Olympics, while you are pondering all the great people at the BBN upper school: