March 12, 2014

Book Swap 2014

We had so much fun at the book swap, and were so swamped with swappers and baked goods enthusiasts, that we appear to have forgotten to have taken any pictures to prove it happened...but it did, and can we tell you something?  The 2014 Book Swap and Bake Sale?  HUGE success.

Students, faculty, and parents joined forces to donate roughly 450 items and lots of baked goods! But the news gets better, because yesterday the upper school community swapped or purchased roughly 100 of those items!  

And yes, the news gets even more betterer*: we are so, so, so proud to announce that this year, we will be donating almost 350 items and, believe it or not, $170 dollars from book and baked item sales to More Than Words!

eHigh five, everyone.  

Enjoy the books and excellent feeling you have for supporting a great charity on your spring break!

*Apologies to the English Department.