September 24, 2014

We Read Banned Books!

It's been an eventful week at the Almy Library, as Banned Books Week has been underway!  Aren't you glad to live in a community that reads banned books rather than hides them away?  We are, and we've loved hearing all of your reactions to and thoughts about banned books in the last week.

Yesterday, we listened to students and faculty read passages from their favorite banned books and can't wait to make the event even bigger next year! Here are a couple pictures from the event:

A student reading a passage from a banned book
Mr. Danhof reading a passage from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Plus, we can't get enough of your "Caught Reading Banned Books" mugshots.  Who knew that holding a book could be such an amazing mugshot prop?  We have way too many mugshots of both students and faculty to post them all here, so we hope that you come by to see them in person! Here are just a few:

Ms. Taylor, Library Assistant Extraordinaire, posing for a mugshot

September 11, 2014

Back to School!

We at Almy Library hope everyone had a fantastic summer!  At the library, we're starting the school year with with a new librarian, new books, and a new policy or two!

So, you saw the skit and you've heard the news about the quiet X-blocks at the library.  What's the deal?

We heard you when you said that it gets really loud in the library during X-block, and we empathized when you said that you loved quiet X-blocks during exam times last year.  So, this year, quiet X-blocks are here to stay! We want the library to be a place that you can always rely on to focus, learn, explore, and get your work done.

Quiet X-blocks at the library do NOT mean silent time.  (That's why we have the Quiet Room!) The general policy is: if we can hear you at the desk or if people nearby can hear you, you're speaking too loudly.  The library is a popular place during X-block, but if we all keep our voices down (library staff included!), we hope that we can keep the overall volume to a hush so that your work doesn't get disrupted.

All good?  We hope so!  Please come by and share your thoughts about the new policy (and anything else!) as the year progresses.

We'll leave you with this: