November 3, 2014

Halloween, Brontes,and Dinosaurs

Playing off Ms. Duncan's recent post of literary themed Halloween costumes, here is the story of mine, which I think is way cooler than a pug being Gandalf.

Recently, I was re-organizing my personal bookshelves and my copy of Wuthering Heights happened to be next to a really lovely pop-up book of dinosaurs that I own, because sometimes I have the reading interests of a preschooler. Familiarity breeds contempt, sometimes, but also awesome bad puns and incredibly personally specific costumes. (I love dinosaurs.)

Et, voila! One downloadable apatosaurus/brontosaurs mask and the loan of my extremely talented mother's costume from her historic re-enactment adventures (I come from a long line of people with endearing nerd-like tendencies) later, and I am pleased to introduce you to Miss Emily Bronte-saurus!
(Ms. Taylor as Emily/Charlotte/Anna Bronte-saurus)

Technically, if I wanted to be really scary, I would follow Calvin's example and go as a barrel of toxic waste.

But, aside from the complete destruction of the world by irresponsible human activity, I think that the stark, Gothic, emotionally abusive and direly insane world that the Bronte sisters created ranks pretty high in the actually terrifying ranking system. 

Beside all that dark, windy-moored, haunted-attic, personal repression the behemoths of the Jurassic period look positively friendly. 

For more good times, check out this fun quiz to see if you might be stuck in an unfun Bronte novel. And then go listen to Kate Bush's song "Wuthering Heights." She sounds like a desperate ghost, which sets a nice Halloween/dark November tone, I think.