January 21, 2015

A Fish with No Name

The days are rapidly passing....The hours are quickly dwindling...Soon, very soon, one lucky BB&Ner will have the great privilege of bestowing our library fish with a name.

Strutting his stuff for the camera

In case you've somehow missed it, there's a fierce competition taking place in the library right now, as students and faculty fight for the honor to name our fish.  The challenge?  To match 20 of the BB&N faculty with their beloved books.

Ms. Taylor, who devised our competition, is the only person in the school who knows all the answers. But after Friday, the truth will be revealed; the winner (whoever has the most correct guesses) will be announced, and our nameless fish will finally get a name.  If you haven't guessed yet, there's still time left to compete!

(Thanks to Ms. Farlow for giving us our fish!)