November 20, 2015

Hand Turkeys Run Free!

It's been a year since the last Hand Turkey Gallery.  We wondered, "Could the hand turkey artists' new work possibly live up to their 2014 masterpieces?"  We waited with bated breath, watching, worrying, as the artists labored over their new hand turkeys.  With furrowed brows and mouths full of candy, they worked tirelessly, using markers, colored pencils, and crayons to bring their designs to life - only the very best materials for these talented artists.

In preparation for the event, interns worked day and night to publicize the big day.
Flyer, made by Rose M.
Chalk Turkeys, made by Rose M. & Friends.
Then, the artists arrived....

Some lost their minds as they toiled over their turkeys...

The results?  A feast for the eyes.  A panoply of turkeys.  A marvel of masterpieces.  "Yes," we said to ourselves, "the hand turkey artists have done it again!"

Visit the Gallery (aka library) in person to see even more masterpieces!