April 12, 2016

Good Bye, Dear Al. Welcome, Atticus!

We all miss Al Aptop, but are comforted to know that he is now swimming in a better place. The tributes to Al were many and all were heartfelt. Perhaps the most moving tribute was the poem Lucas Fried and Jacob Licht wrote (poem below).

However, the time has come to welcome the Almy Library's new fish! Our wonderful BB&N community has taken this little blue guy to our communal heart. Students and faculty alike submitted many great names for our new FOTAL (Fish of the Almy Library), but only one name could be voted the best for our little aquatic friend.  Please come by the Library soon and say hello to ATTICUS FISH!

text of Lucas & Jacob's poem:
In Memoriam

Our dear friend Albert,
With whom we shared much joy.
We cannot begin to express our hurt,
But we are glad we had a betta and not a koi.

Even though by our standards your lifespan was scant,
In fish years you lived to seventy.
You loved to dwell under the plant,
And your floating will now be heavenly.

You may be called a fighting fish,
But you brought peace and joy to the school.
You fulfilled our every wish,
And your fight against injustice was your only duel.

They said we had bigger fish to fry,
But from the beginning you caught our eye.
Even though your battery is now drained,
Your memory will always keep us entertained.

                                             Lucas Fried & Jacob Licht