September 25, 2017

Words Have Power: Read a Banned Book

During Banned Books Week, the American Library Association and all of us here at the Almy Library want to remind you how lucky you are to have the right to read!  

Each year hundreds of books are challenged by patrons, parents, religious organizations and even the government, because of things like perceived profanity or socialist views or violence or LGBTQ themes, etc.

Thanks to the vigilance of librarian superheroes like Ms. Dow and Ms. Duncan...

only 10% of those books ever actually get removed from the shelves.  

You, too, can stand up for your right to read by checking out a banned book today!

Here's a great short list of reasons why to read a Banned Book!

Chances are, you've already read a bunch of them.

This one for example...

 has been banned in some regions for: "references to the occult" or because it was considered "anti-family". 

Stop by the Almy Library to check out your next read from our Banned Books Display.

September 7, 2017

New in the library!  Ms. Wunder's Bookshelf

Look up and to the left of the library desk to find Ms. Wunder's bookshelf!  

I'll be pointing out a few new and notable books in our collection, starting with this week's pick:  Lit Mags!

Sometimes obscure and difficult to find, literary magazines are where a lot of new fiction and poetry germinates.  Budding writers take note!

Ploughshares is a magazine near and dear to my heart. Conceived by some folks in Cambridge in the seventies, it began its operations at the "Plough and Stars," an Irish pub on Mass Ave. Each issue is guest edited by a different literary superstar so its tone is varied and constantly in flux.  The current issue is compiled by the great Stewart O’Nan (author of 16 novels including Last Night at the Lobster) and contains stories and nonfiction by: Stephen King, Peter Orner, Lucy Corin, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum and more…

Poetry, the second new journal  in our collection is the oldest monthly magazine devoted to verse in the English language.  This month find a dedication to the late Denis Johnson, and poems by Joy Harjo (a personal fave), Patricia Lockwood and A. R. Ammons.

Check them out!